Private Photo Shoots

  • Rather than waiting and hoping we pass by and take your photo, for a reasonable fee, you can schedule a private photo shoot!
  • We will arrange a time to meet you on the water and spend an hour taking just the right photos for a special place in your boat or home



We have three pricing packages for your private photo session.

1. Option A - $250 launch fee - includes 20% off on all 8x10 print purchases.

2. Option B - $350 launch fee - includes six 8X10 prints and one snap shot book of 5x7 prints (a $168.00 value).

3. Option C - $250 launch fee plus $250 for complete digital file of all shots.

Each session takes approximately 1 to 2 hours.

*Launch fee is paid at time of reservation and is 100% refundable if fails to show up for any reason.

*Launch fee is forfeited if client fails to show up without 24 hour notice. Of course, we all have to live with the weather, so if it's really bad out there, we can mutually agree to postpone.

Once we have agreed on a time and place, we'll ask for a deposit equal to the launch fee either by check or credit card.


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